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Greetings one and all and welcome to the esteemed and widely recognized Old Goat Track Club!

For starters, we are a team based solely on friendship and getting together to have fun and compete again. We currently don't charge dues, there's no membership forms you need to fill out for us, we just ask that you commit to having a great time.

Get in contact with us however you prefer if you are interested in joining us!​

Obviously the uniform isn't required but if you want to buy it, it's yours, we don't keep a stock pile and distribute them at the meets. Your uniform is your uniform. 


Meet entry is also on your terms, we do not fund entry to meets. 


Lastly, if you are getting together for a workout or attending a meet, be sure to take pictures so that we can keep our Instagram updated! We will be reaching out to do some feature bios as well, a mix of real and ridiculous facts about you like we started for the XC season.


Again we are excited to have you on board and look forward to killing it out there on the track and field!

Meet our leadership

Austin Scott: President

Dave Goodrich: Vice President

Dan Mortimer: Treasurer

Jack DeVine: Membership Secretary

Board Members:Ryan Moran, Kyle Gerlach, Emily Newman, Carley Dykstra, Aaron Weeks, Jimmy Doty, Dan Stomski


Contact us

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