Justin "Beyonce" Trott was one of the cornerstones of the Old Goat Track Club in their founding 2018 fall XC season. He used to be known for his insatiable appetite for miles but now he's enjoying retirement, although he can be coaxed out every now and then. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see number 8.
Favorite Post Race Beer: Whatever's closest to the finish line
Ideal Competition Weather Conditions: A bit cold and a high chance of rain. Hopefully the rain starts around lap 16 when you really need it
Favorite Ice cream flavor: Salty Sailor - not only is it a euphemism, it's also delicious
What is your best track or field personal record? 32:18 10k
Dream Vacation: A weekend in NYC, DC, or Philly exploring all the museums
Best track and field memory: How the guy behind the counter at Subway always remembered us when we walked in right after our Sunday long run
Chosen method of keeping busy during quarantine: I'll be honest, my daily routine hasn't changed much during quarantine
Favorite board game: Dungeons and Dragons (Duh)
Coolest exotic animal: Secretary Bird
Favorite song and artist: Believe – Cher
Fun fact: I'm the Dungeon Master for the Dungeons & Daydrinkers Podcast

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