Kyle "Gramps" Gerlach is one of the senior members of the OGTC board. He is an assistant coach at WPI while he works on his Ph.D. If you see him on the street, you might be overwhelmed with the feeling that you need to stop meeting like this. These 10 weird factuals will AMAZE and ASTOUND you
Dream Job: Greenhouse attendant
Best PR: WORLD RECORD Ben and Jerry's 4xmile in 25:54
Favorite Post Race Beer: Narragansett Dels Shandy
Fun fact: I can chirp like a bird and it also sounds dangerously like the cross signal at intersections
Childhood Nickname: Rooty Tabooty (yes it came from Rudy Tabootie from ChalkZone)
Favorite Professional Track or Field Athlete: Emma Coburn 😍
Skippy or Jif: Skippy (if you like Jif you’re as good as a serial killer to me)
Most awkward moment: Not finding a bathroom before a run ended... happens to us all right? 😰
Best track and field memory: Any time I made it over the last water pit in steeplechase without falling
Chosen method of keeping busy during quarantine: Ping Pong with Austin
Coolest exotic animal: WOMBATS OMG

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