About Us

The OGTC Goats made their XC premier in fall of 2018, exploding onto the USATF XC Grand Prix scene with a first place finish! Since then the team has run numerous indoor and outdoor track races and has seen continuing growth and success. 

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Austin Scott

Middle and longer distance expert. High quality runner, higher quality friend.

Antoine Harris

Sprinter. All american for WPI. Andddddd he's gone.

Dan Mortimer

Long distance boy. Very knowledgeable on all matters running related.

Dan Stomski

Runner? He's here to run and drink some ice cold beverages... and he's all out of run.

Dave Goodrich

Middle distance specialist. Lover of jokes.

Jack Devine

This man can probably jump higher than you. He can also probably jump over your head. His long jump is also admirable.

Jimmy Doty

Long sprinter. Doty once, shame on you. Doty twice, shame on me.

Jon Stiles

Middle distance runner and new kid on the block, Jon is here for a good time, and a long time

Justin Trott

Long distance dude. A real glutton for punishment. Not someone to be truffled with.

Kyle Gerlach

Long distance and Steepler. Working on his PhD and assistant coaching XC and track at WPI. We have to stop meeting like this ;)

Kyle Morrison

Long distance and Steepler. Working on his PhD at Dartmouth. Best know for his dog being the 40th president of the United States of America (Reagan).

Lucas Roy

Middle distance pro. Knows the difference between alligators and crocodiles.

Matt Dynan

Middle distance guy. Former Babson college runner. His side hustle is riding the lead bike for NEWMAC XC Championships.

Matt Rabasco

Long distance dude. His flow was voted best on the team and his dance moves leave all the ladies speechless.

Mike Brady

Long distance guy. Connoisseur of oldie time stuff like record players and memorabilia, along with knick knacks and bric-a-brac.

Mike McMahon

Long distance runner. His favorite movie is "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo" which he has watched 32 time to date.

Remington Gaetjens

Longer distance runner. Ask him anything about Maine, I dare you. Just be sure you're ready to hear everything there is to tell about it.

Ryan Moran

Longer distance aficionado. Best known for his spot on Groucho Marx impression.

Ryan O'Connell

Long distance runner. Don't let him lull you into a false sense of security, this guy will eat you for breakfast on the XC course if you're not ready.

Tobin Dancy

Long distance runner. If you're looking to get your family in the holiday spirit, try listening to his Christmas album for a feel good romp for the whole family!

Warren Staver

Long Sprinter. Watching him run a 400m is considered an extreme sport. Camouflage enthusiast who hasn't been seen in years.

Will Shahbazian

Not necessarily an “Old” Goat, but a Goat nonetheless. Andover High School's track and XC captain. Had the pleasure of being beaten in a Steeplechase by Dave once, and immediately joined the club afterwards. Spends way too much time reading articles on MileSplit. Runs a prominent track meme Instagram account, @mvc_xctf_memes

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